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SATURDAY FEB 1st, 2020


Please mark your calendars for Saturday February 1, 2020 for the Ice Breaker Cheerleading & Dance Championships! 


Ice Breaker offers the lowest competition registration rates in the Province! 


The Conexus Arts Centre's theatre can accommodate over two thousand spectators including balcony seating. In addition, there are spacious dressing rooms for the athletes back stage, plenty of vendor space out front, as well as a ton of parking! 

We are SO excited to see the continued growth of our event and are looking forward to hosting the event of the year! 

View "Event Features" for more event updates and information! 

Ice Breaker is exclusively broadcasted by Access Communications. 

  • Full 9 mat sprung-floor for competition surface

  • Professional level sound systems for both warm-up and competition 

  • Excellent performance lighting & staging with a custom event backdrop

  • Large video screen in performance arena for optimal viewing

  • Large auditorium seating for best viewing, accommodating 2,000+ including balcony seats- wheelchair accessible

  • Video replay for the athletes

  • Banners for all teams placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their division & large banner for Grand Champion 

  • Signature awards ceremonies after each session

  • Individual backstage dressing rooms for all teams, as well as quick change rooms for cross-over athletes - all including professional mirrors and lighting for hair and makeup purposes

  • Vendors with cheer and dance merchandise + more

  • 2020 GRAND CHAMPION:  The team that receives the highest score overall will be named the 2020 Ice Breaker Ultimate Grand Champions and will receive a banner to take home! This will be awarded in both the Dance, and Cheerleading division. 

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